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Experience wellness with purpose

Journeys with Intention

Journeys with Intentions put you in the center of your wellness experience. We recognize you as a unique individual, and curate personalized experiences that align with what matters most –your connection with yourself, with others, and the world around you.


For the individual who wants to de-stress, feel grounded, explore and improve their overall wellbeing

Suggested Experiences
  • Morning Meditation
  • Chorus of Crystals
  • Mindfulness at Miraval
  • Journey to Self
  • Flipping the Switch
  • The Beauty of Imperfection
  • Qi Grounding
  • Shamana-Karma
  • Soul Guidance
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Desire to reconnect with friends & family, celebrate milestone events such as bachelorette retreats, anniversaries, reunions

Suggested Experiences
  • Floating Meditation
  • Just Cook for Me Chef
  • The Miraval Equine Experience
  • Desert Sky Zipline Experience
  • Miraval Outback Hike
  • Vitamin C Facial
  • Deborah Lippmann Signature Pedicure
  • Calming Hotstone Massage
  • Rise & Shine Yoga
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A desire to unwind, pause, and let go of the stresses of everyday life

Suggested Experiences
  • Mindfulness at Miraval
  • Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Purple Sage Equine Meditation
  • The Magic of Mandalas
  • Yin Aerial Yoga
  • Renew and Restore Facial
  • Miraval Relaxation Massage
  • Living a Life in Balance
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A getaway for the solo traveler seeking opportunities for self-reflection, self-care, discovery, or adventure

Suggested Experiences
  • The Beauty of Imperfection
  • Change your Brain with Meditative Drumming
  • Aroma Flow Yoga
  • Gentle Stretch
  • Out on a Limb
  • All the Buzz
  • Soul Journey
  • Reiki
  • Niramaya Facial
  • Chi Nei Tsang
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Nurture your physical, spiritual, and mental wellness with caring spa therapists who customize one-of-kind body treatments

Suggested Experiences
  • Sacred Sounds Massage
  • Sweet Slumber
  • Anti-Oxidant Vibrancy Facial
  • Cold Stone and Clay Manicure + Pedicure
  • Abhyanga
  • Mothers Blessing
  • Path of the Jaguar
  • Shampoo, Cut, and Style
  • Mastering your Makeup
  • Five Secrets of Skincare
  • Discover your Dosha
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Discover how to cook healthy & flavorful food. Explore the intersection of how ingredients and whole foods combinations can benefit your mind & body

Suggested Experiences
  • Eat Well, Live Well
  • Just Cook For Me Chef
  • Cocktails in the Kitchen
  • Conscious Cooking
  • Blend and Balance Smoothies
  • Honey: A Sensual Journey
  • Healthy Gut, Healthy You
  • Food Combinations for Ultimate Health
  • 6 Tips to Master Your Metabolism
  • Integrative Nutrition Consultation
  • Metabolic Rate Analysis and Personalized Nutrition Plan
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tightrope challenge course in tucson at miraval arizona resort & spa

Seeking connection with the healing power of nature. Discover awe-inspiring landscapes and moments for adventure or serenity with expansive outdoor activities

Suggested Experiences
  • Desert Tightrope
  • Miraval Outback Hike
  • Trail Run
  • Climbing Wall
  • Slackline
  • Deep River Stone Massage (New Life Village)
  • Talking Stones
  • Sun Goddess Facial
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Improve connection & communication. Celebrate a mini-moon, a baby-moon, wedding anniversary. Reconnect with your original purpose as a couple

Suggested Experiences
  • Quantum Leap II
  • Cocktails in the Kitchen
  • Creating Joy and Harmony
  • Elements of Healing
  • Trust, Love, Compassion (TLC) Yoga
  • Common Ground: Understanding Barriers to Connection
  • Mindful Parenting
  • Partner Yoga
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Find solace in a supportive environment where you can explore and process grief, loss, or a life transition

Suggested Experiences
  • Master Your Mind, Heal Your Body
  • An Unforgettable Canvas
  • Forgiveness Meditation
  • Remembrance Ceremony
  • Life, Loss and Letting Go
  • The Gift of Gratitude
  • Private Elements of Healing
  • Letting Go, and Letting In
  • Holographic Memory Resolution
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Work through mental & creative blocks, fill your cup so you can guide others to become their best, most innovative selves

Suggested Experiences
  • Common Ground: Understanding Barriers to Connection
  • Creating you Sacred Space
  • Unleash the Power of your Soul: Commit to Vibrant Living
  • Your Balanced Brain
  • Face to Face
  • Embodied Presence: A Transformative Inner-Quest to Self Empowerment
  • Conscious Connections
  • Naga
  • Peaceful Sleep
Sample Itinerary
Man jogging through the desert at our Tucson Resort

Dedicate time and energy for tuning into and elevating your physical wellbeing

Suggested Experiences
  • Ride and Release
  • Morning Stretch
  • Cardio Drumming
  • Up and Running Lecture
  • Desert Tightrope
  • Fitness Program Design
  • Custom Yoga
Sample Itinerary
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