woman relaxes in the weightless stretch of vasudhara

This completely unique and transformative service embraces the weightlessness of water and the deeply relaxing stretches of Thai massage. Your eyes are shielded to block all light, leaving you suspended, adrift in darkness, having let go of all that binds you to place. As you float in water heated to body temperature, sounds from powerful underwater speakers bathe your senses in vibration. All tension is surrendered, leaving you to explore only the experience within. Muscles lengthen, joints open, as the traditional movements of Thai massage and the weightlessness of water take you more deeply into stretches than you expect. Discover the abundance found within, with Vasudhara.


50 Minutes


The meaning behind Vasudhara: Sanskrit for ‘stream of gems’ or, in the Buddhist tradition, a figure representing the bounty and abundance of water.

stress floats away as this woman floats through vasudhara

"I've never heard of anything like Vasudhara. It sounds so relaxing and I can't wait to experience it during my next stay!"

Guest from New York

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