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Outdoor Services at the New Life Village

Inspired by nature, performed among it. Targeted therapies and relaxing rituals are even more transportive when enjoyed in one of our temperature-controlled outdoor tents located within the New Life Village.

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person relaxing with outdoor hot stone treatment


Relaxing hot stones, plus the calming power of the nature. Float away in one of our private outdoor spa tents. 75 Min | $265

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Our therapeutic hot and cold stone massage medley, taken to the next level in our private spa tents. 75 Min | $ 275

hawaiian noni and lime sugar scrub


Miraval’s all-organic “farm to treatment table” body ritual begins with a grapefruit kombucha body wash, then an anti-oxidant-rich Hawaiian noni and lime sugar scrub. Your freshly exfoliated skin is treated to a mineral-rich Spirulina body clay blending sweet almond oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E. The grand finale is a blend of argan avocado oil, green tea, and grape seed butter application. 75 Min | $245

Closeup of woman receiving foot massage at Miraval Arizona.

Brahmi Charan: Traditional

Herbal Brahmi Ghee foot reflexology stimulates a clearing of the energy channels of the body, improving circulation and relieving tension, while the warm sensations of the herbal compress ease your body and refresh your mind. This traditional treatment concludes with a sandalwood oil scalp massage and is perfect for relaxing and rebalancing your system and improving your overall sense of wellbeing. Limited Availability. 50 Min | $175

woman receiving scalp massage

Rasayana Renewal Ritual

Our Rasayana Renwal Ritual is a special Ayurvedic journey inspired by ancient rituals performed in India. The service begins with a personalized energy reading that reveals your Dosha, a blueprint of your energetic elements. Next, a handmade poultice is assembled and used during a full body deep pressure massage accompanied with heated oils and ghee. A warm wrap follows, along with marma point therapy and Shatavari oil scalp massage, allowing your body to fully relax and release tension. The ritual concludes with a hibiscus buffing grain and gift of a handmade poultice to incorporate into your home self-care routine. 100 Min | $320

herb-infused oil massage

Rasayana Shirodhara

Known in Ayurveda tradition as the Eye of Knowledge, the third eye provides perception beyond ordinary sight. Your journey through Rasayana Shirodhara begins with an herbal infused Abyhanga massage, accompanied with a custom crafted poultice, allowing restoration for both mind and body. A soothing stream of warm oil, known as Shirodhara, is gently poured over your forehead or third eye to further your journey of enlightenment. A warm wrap follows, along with marma point therapy and a Shatavari oil scalp massage. Complete your journey with a hibiscus buffing grain and a gift of a handmade poultice to incorporate into your home self-care routine. 100 Min | $320

woman laying on her stomach on a massage chair

The Rose Renewal Ritual

Indulge your senses in this unique outdoor treatment that combines the renewing energy of rose oils, and rose quartz crystals to elevate positive bodily vibrations and illuminate your skin. Snuggled in a warm cocoon, chakra stones clear negative energy while you experience a soothing Red Flower Illuminating Acupressure Face Massage™. Next follows a full body rose relaxation massage to energize the body and mind, creating a radiant, beautiful inner glow. 75 Min | $245

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Join us for a global journey of the senses. Start in North Africa with a loofah cleanse and Moroccan Rose Body Wash. Travel through Asia for a vigorous exfoliation of bamboo, ginger grass, and mineral-rich silt. Head across the Pacific to be soothed with a Yucatan Coco-Mole clay wrap and a face and scalp massage. Then end in the rustic Southwest with a shower of woodsy cedarwood and juniper, followed by a massage of lime silk oil and cedarwood-juniper body butter. 100 Min | $320

ginger and ginger salt glaze scrub


This restorative journey begins with our Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage. We wrap you in pure ginger rosemary oil, known for its healing effects. While wrapped, you will enjoy a facial marma-point massage, restoring energy to the skin. Your journey ends with an invigorating ginger salt glaze scrub. 75 Min | $275

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Guest Favorite


In this six-part body renewal ritual, the skin is brushed with warm loofah mitts, followed by a powerful exfoliation of bioactive white peat enzymes, sea minerals, and ripe antioxidant berries. The lymphatic system is then stimulated with the application of a soothing mushroom and phyto-nutrient mask. After showering with an organic purifying cleanser, your skin will be replenished with a fresh berry oil serum. Then a full-body massage of Arctic berry milk cream will encourage skin regeneration, hydration, and elasticity. 100 Min | $320

woman laying on her stomach awaiting a massage


Take serenity to the next level with a soothing massage performed in one of our breezy outdoor spa tents. 75 Min | $260

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A powerful massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. Specialized techniques concentrate on specific areas of concern and alleviate common discomforts such as a stiff neck, painful lower back pain, and sore, tight shoulders. 75 Min | $295

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This sleep-inducing experience is the perfect treatment after an amazing dinner and can be enjoyed indoors or out. Begin with a pure, unscented salt scrub to gently exfoliate and polish the skin. Next, a massage using eucalyptus essential oils combines gentle rocking to sedate the nervous system and calm the mind and body, leaving you in a sleep-inducing state. 75 Min | $245

full lotus meditation pose

Vedenta Mantra Meditation

The Vedanta Mantra Meditation is a powerful Ayurvedic practice for accessing the deepest levels of awareness and expanding mindfulness throughout the day. Receive a unique mantra from the Vedic tradition, selected to correspond with your birthday. Learn how to pronounce and use your mantra correctly, and how to incorporate this custom at home to create a successful daily practice. 50 Min | $175