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Mother-to-Be Pampering

Massage therapy during pregnancy can reduce anxiety and relieve muscle and joint pains, while organic facials are an ideal way to soothe your skin as hormone levels shift.

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Your season of pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to forego your favorite spa services. Indulging in safe treatments at the Miraval Life in Balance Spa is recommended for both pre- and post-natal mothers. Massage therapy during pregnancy can reduce anxiety and relieve muscle and joint pains, while organic facials are an ideal way to soothe your skin as hormone levels shift. Mothers-to-be should avoid saunas, steam rooms, and body wraps.

These offerings are designed specifically for women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.
*Note: Miraval does not perform massages in the first trimester of pregnancy. 

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Nourish skin and calm the mind with this regenerating and smoothing treatment. Focused entirely on your personal needs, a gentle yet effective exfoliation to the back area is followed by a comforting body massage using a pure, unscented blend of deeply nurturing oils to safely target areas prone to stress and tension during or after pregnancy, plus alleviate muscular aches and pains. Finishing with a soothing and conditioning scalp massage, this blissful treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and restored. *Recommended for new moms or following the first trimester of pregnancy. 80 Min | $240 • 50 Min | $170

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Alleviate tension, reduce pain, and free emotional blocks with this Japanese stress reduction practice. By applying barely detectable touch with the hands, your practitioner will work to enhance the universal energy that flows through the body. Reiki can help you connect with your higher self, leaving you with a sense of peace and wellbeing. 80 Min | $235 • 50 Min | $165

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Aqua Zen

Stress and strain melt away in the nurturing arms of your water-trained therapist as your body is moved effortlessly through the warm waters of our specially designed pool. Water invites complete relaxation to the massage, allowing your body to be manipulated and stretched with greater freedom than traditional massage. Suitable for non-swimmers. 50 Min | $190

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Prenatal Nurture

In this six-part body renewal ritual, the skin is brushed with warm loofah mitts, followed by a powerful exfoliation of bioactive white peat enzymes, sea minerals, and ripe antioxidant berries. The lymphatic system is then stimulated with the application of a soothing mushroom and phyto-nutrient mask. After showering with an organic purifying cleanser, your skin will be replenished with a fresh berry oil serum. Then a full-body massage of Arctic berry milk cream will encourage skin regeneration, hydration, and elasticity. 100 Min | $320

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Organic Facial

Refine your skin with this active, 100-percent natural, paraben-free, and results-oriented facial. The antioxidant-rich plant and marine extracts spirulina and kombucha bring balance to your skin while goji berry, white and green teas, and aloe hydrate. Using products that are defined in nature and refined by science, this facial will help to rapidly improve skin tone, texture, and clarity, as well as actively fight free radical damage. 50 Min | $165

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Nurture Facial

This certified organic facial is designed to deliver a surge of deep, nourishing hydration. An acupressure facial massage and intensive eye treatment help to firm the skin, increase circulation, and reduce toxicity. Your skin will look restored, healthy, and radiant. 50 Min | $175

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A facial designed for more sensitive skin types, including rosacea, or for those who might have been overly exposed to the sun. This completely customized service provides deep nourishment, intense hydration, while helping to reduce inflammation and actively address fine lines. 50 Min | $175

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Prenatal Sonoran Body Polish

This Miraval exclusive service uses locally sourced natural products to exfoliate and moisturize based on your skin’s needs. Mineral salts and desert herbs exfoliate while customized Body Butters leave the skin with a healthy glow. For those with more sensitive skin, a gentle sugar scrub with subtle fragrance exfoliates and is finished with a seasonal specially blended butter. 50 Min | $185

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Manicure & Pedicure

Custom manicures and pedicures that go beyond the basics to nurture nail health—and flaunt your style.

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Hair Styling Services

Show your hair and scalp some love with a cut, trim, or nourishing treatment.