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Body Renewal Rituals

Exfoliating scrubs, nourishing wraps, restorative peels and more leave skin healthy and glowing, while pampering techniques help relax the body and mind, too.

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All Body Renewal Rituals take place in New Life Village. Each of our temperature-controlled outdoor treatment rooms have private outdoor showers and heated luxury massage tables.

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Quiet the mind and stimulate your senses with a ground bamboo and lemongrass exfoliation. A full-body deep tissue massage soothes tight or sore muscles and dispels tension while verbena aloe and chia seeds hydrate and moisturize your skin. Energizing orange oil, infused with the scents of ginger and close, delivers overdue relief as you continue your journey into restorative bliss. Prenatal – Must be outside of first trimester of pregnancy to receive this service. The massage portion of the service will be adjust from a deep tissue massage to a prenatal massage. $


Bring fatigued, over-stressed skin back to life in true apothecary style. This service includes an exfoliation customized to your skin type and designed to soften smooth, and hydrate. After a cleansing shower, you will be swathed in bright citrus scents, your skin is replenished with a mineral-rich seaweed treatment and nourishing sea fennel. A lemon verbena Omega 3-rich cream seals in moisture and restores a healthy balance to your skin. $


Miraval’s all-organic “farm to treatment table” body ritual begins with a grapefruit kombucha body wash, then an anti-oxidant rich Hawaiian noni and lime sugar scrub. Your freshly exfoliated skin is treated to a mineral-rich Spirulina body clay that combines sweet almond oil, aloe vera and vitamin E. The grand finale is an application of an argan avocado oil, green tea and grape seed butter blend. $

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This specialized service aids in toning skin, removing toxins, and taming cellulite. Begin the process of purification with a black silt and coffee scrub to stimulate circulation. Lymphatic dry brushing and iced hand mitts help balance skin and prepare you for a deep contouring massage that includes abdominal massage and lymphatic drainage. Conclude with a full-body, seaweed-derived, detoxifying gel application and leave with firming serums on your skin that enhance and extend the benefits of this treatment. $

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Repair, mend, and soften damaged or dry skin with this treatment named for an herb with profound wound-healing abilities. Begin with a coffee exfoliation of purifying, mineral-rich black silt and sarsaparilla, potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Feel tension melt away under warm compresses that aid in the absorption of trace minerals. Complete your treatment with an envelopment of warm ginger cardamom oil, sealed with a deeply healing gotu kola and kokum butter balm. $

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This healing journey can offer relief from pain or inflammation. Begin with a therapeutic, ginger infused, deep tissue massage. Flow into a deeply relaxed state as you are gently wrapped in pure ginger, lemongrass and may chang fruit oils, known for their healing and anti-inflammatory effects. While you are enveloped, feel the curative power of facial marma point therapy to restore energy to your skin. Put a spring in your step as you complete your journey with an invigorating rosemary citron sea salt scrub and a refreshing shower. $


This full body exfoliation uses pure cane sugar rich oils and the extracts of the prickly pear cactus and calendula flower. The accompanying body butter hydrating application completes the experience and leaves you with a full body glow. Prenatal – Must be outside of first trimester of pregnancy to receive this service. $


Treat your entire body, from temples to toes, and surround yourself in absorbing scents and rich hydration. A sensory serenade of bright citrus notes of lemon verbena, chamomile, and neroli blossoms herald an application of healing aloe and gentle jojoba wax beads to gently reveal radiant skin. Soothing willow bark wraps around you to calm, repair and restore the balance of minerals to your skin. $


Great for those with sensitive skin, this mineral rich finely ground salt scrub incorporates Aloe Vera leaf juice, essentials oils of lavender, rosemary and wild sage. This experience starts with a full body scrub and ends with a rich body butter hydrating application. $