This ancient "Science of Self-Healing" is rooted in nature and perfected by the centuries. Expand self-awareness and cultivate your innate state of balance with therapies that treat holistically.

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Restore balance with this ancient, meditative massage, in which warm, herb-infused oils are massaged into your skin with soothing, friction strokes. These herbal oils benefit the nervous system, reduce muscle tension, relieve joint pain, and eliminate impurities from the body.



This Ayurvedic full-body treatment uses warm Brahmi oil, steamed Brahmi poultices, ghee foot massage, and an aromatic linen wrap. Brahmi herb nourishes skin, calms the mind, and lifts spirits to higher consciousness. Limited availability.

hand-wrapped poultices for shamana-karma spa treatment


This special Ayurvedic journey starts with a personalized energy reading that reveals your dosha type, a blueprint of your energetic elements, that informs your treatment. Receive an herbal ghee foot massage to relieve tension, followed by a full-body, deep-pressure massage with heated oils and warm poultices. A heated wrap and a neck, shoulder and scalp massage are followed by a hibiscus buffing grain.


Purify and boost immunity and spirits with a blend of coconut, ginger, and rosemary oils that are massaged using traditional Ayurveda techniques. Steaming, hand-wrapped poultices of lemongrass, mint, nutmeg, and clove energize the body and release tension and toxins. A concluding aromatic wrap and cleansing, hibiscus-powder dusting restores vitality to your skin and spirit.

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Herbal Brahmi Ghee Ayurvedic foot massage combines with the warm sensations of an herbal compress to relieve tension in the feet and stimulate a clearing of energy channels. This traditional treatment concludes with a soothing neck, shoulder, and scalp massage and is perfect for relaxing and rebalancing your system.

Vedanta Mantra Meditation

A powerful Ayurvedic practice for accessing the deepest levels of awareness and expanding mindfulness throughout the day. Receive a unique mantra from the Vedic tradition, selected to correspond with your birthday. Learn how to pronounce and use your mantra correctly, and how to incorporate this custom into your daily practice.

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Begin with a personalized energy reading to reveal your dosha type to aid in the selection of customized oils and poultices. A full-body, deep-pressure massage with heated oils and warm poultice therapy transitions to a soothing stream of warm oil (Shirodhara)that gently pours over your forehead and third eye to deepen your journey of enlightenment. End with a warm wrap and a neck, shoulder and scalp massage, and a hibiscus buffing grain.

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Pradhana Veda

Ayurveda’s key elements combine in this restorative, indoor experience. Abhyanga, a warm herbal oil massage, releases toxins and increases circulation, preparing you for calming and energy-balancing, marma-point therapy. Feel the soothing stream of herbal oil (Shirodhara) pour over your forehead to melt tension and conclude with a warm, aromatic, cocoon wrap, and scalp massage.