Ancient healing rooted in nature, perfected by the centuries. “The Science of Life” honors the mind-body-spirit connection with therapies that balance, inside and out.

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assortment of massage scrubs and oils


Restore balance with this ancient, healing, meditative massage, in which warm, herb-infused oils are massaged into your skin with soothing, friction strokes. These herbal oils benefit the nervous system, reduce muscle tension, relieve joint pain, and eliminate impurities from the body. 50 MIN|$190

warmed oil for abhyanga massage being poured

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Ayurveda’s key elements combined in this restorative, indoor experience. Abhyanga, a warm herbal oil massage, releases toxins and increases circulation, preparing you for calming and energy-balancing, marma-point therapy. Feel the soothing stream of herbal oil (Shirodhara) pour over your forehead to melt tension and conclude with a warm, aromatic, cocoon wrap and scalp massage. 100 MIN|$320


Purify and boost immunity and spirits with a blend of coconut, ginger, and rosemary oils that are massaged using traditional Ayurveda techniques. Steaming, hand-wrapped poultices of lemongrass, mint, nutmeg, and clove energize the body and release tension and toxins. A concluding aromatic wrap and cleansing, hibiscus-powder dusting restores vitality to your skin and spirit. 75 MIN|$275