The Life in Balance Spa warmly welcomes our partner Natropathica with unique-to-Miraval offerings that harness the restorative power of nature.


Miraval Life in Balance Spa x Naturopathica

With deep respect for traditions that came before us, we have developed Miraval Life in Balance Spa X Naturopathica treatments that fuse current techniques with ancient practices. Our offerings are designed to celebrate the present moment and facilitate an awareness of the body and how its connection to both mind and spirit can balance emotions and stress.

Our mindful new Naturopathica offerings emphasize a philosophy of being present in and aware of the body. This awareness connects both mind and spirit to balance responses and reactions.

“We seek to inspire healthy lifestyles with products and rituals that put the pleasure, warmth and simplicity back into caring for yourself.”


natropathica's story

Barbara Close founded Naturopathica in 1995 with a simple mission: to educate people on the benefits of holistic health and its connection to beauty. Over two decades later, Naturopathica continues to draw from our founder’s knowledge as an herbalist, esthetician and aromatherapist to develop our product line. Inspired by our background in herbalism, we believe in the healing power of plants and are committed to clean, sustainable ingredients. We take a holistic approach to health and beauty, seeking the source of an imbalance rather than the symptom to provide true and lasting results.





Quiet the mind and stimulate your senses with a ground bamboo and lemongrass escape. A full-body deep tissue massage soothes tight or sore muscles and dispels tension while verbena, aloe, and chia seeds hydrates and moisturizes your skin. Grounding orange oil, infused with the scents of ginger and clove, delivers overdue relief as you continue your journey into restorative bliss. OUTDOOR TREATMENT ROOM 100 MIN|$330


Lemongrass and bamboo can work wonders to brighten and exfoliate your skin, leaving it silky smooth, while mimosa and jasmine transport your senses to a tranquil space. This service finishes with a hydrating lotion of aloe, shea butter, bergamot, and grapefruit paired with a nutrient-dense, chia seed cream to nourish the skin. 50 MIN|$175


Believed to be the nexus of the soul and the body’s life processes, Hara is a Japanese word for the body’s center – both physically and energetically. This full-body treatment radiates its healing energy to tighten and balance skin, stimulate digestion, and support mental clarity. Begin with a scalp massage and guided breathwork as you inhale orange and cardamom essences that induce calm and promote digestive balance. Lymphatic dry brushing supports healthy skin and aids circulation. A vigorous citrus and cedar hair and scalp treatment is followed by a full-body and abdominal massage with grounding scents and detailed foot reflexology. A final breathwork exercise gently guides you into a deeper state of relaxation and connection to your own center. OUTDOOR TREATMENT ROOM 100 MIN|$330


Enjoy radiant skin and lifted spirits while enveloped in bright citrus notes of lemon verbena and gentle jojoba wax beads. Blended aloe and shea butter ease the discomfort of dryness and repair the skin. A lavender honey mist prepares you for a skin-quenching Manuka honey neck, shoulder, and facial massage. Bergamot scents complete this service with a foot and hand massage.80 MIN|$245


Tavasya means strength in Sanskrit. Root yourself in the present moment and rebuild your foundation of strength. This holistic service combats the symptoms of a depleted adrenal system. Begin with an interactive balancing aromatherapy ritual of calming lemongrass and basil, followed by a soothing sea salt cleanse. Reestablish your natural reserves with acupressure stimulation, arnica and peppermint oils, Himalayan salt stones, and a full-body balsam fir and citrus massage. Be crowned and cradled with a wild lime scalp treatment and neroli blossom facial massage. Rise with a balanced base and the restored energy you need to be your best self. 100 MIN|$330


Bring fatigued, over-stressed skin back to life in true apothecary style. This service includes an exfoliation customized to your skin type and designed to soften, smooth, and hydrate. After you are gently washed and swathed in bright citrus scents, your skin is replenished with a mineral-rich seaweed treatment and nourishing sea fennel. A lemon verbena Omega-3-rich cream seals in moisture and restores a healthy balance to your skin. 50 MIN|$185

warmed oil for abhyanga massage being poured


Repair, mend, and soften damaged or dry skin with this treatment named for an herb with profound wound-healing abilities. Begin with a coffee exfoliation of purifying, mineral-rich black silt and sarsaparilla, potent antioxidants and antiinflammatories. Feel tension melt away under warm compresses that aid in the absorption of trace minerals. Complete your treatment with an envelopment of warm ginger cardamom oil, sealed with a deeply healing gotu kola and kokum butter balm. 50 MIN|$175

woman laying on her stomach on a massage chair


Treat your entire body, from temples to toes, and surround yourself in absorbing scents and rich hydration. A sensory serenade of bright citrus notes of lemon verbena, chamomile, and neroli blossoms herald an application of healing aloe and gentle jojoba wax beads to gently reveal radiant skin. Soothing willow bark wraps around you to calm, repair, and restore the balance of minerals to your skin. Included in this sensory-rich service is a lavender honey face mist and wrap to cleanse, nurture, and nourish you. 50 MIN|$165


Meaning balance in Sanskrit, Tula harmonizes your energies in a celebration and communion of traditional eastern practices. This treatment restores flow and vitality to your essential life force. A breathwork ritual begins your initiation. A handcrafted sliver of exquisite jade stone assists with purifying tangerine jojoba oil to gently glide over your meridians (a series of vital life-energy pathways), massaging your entire body with subtle, restorative pressure. Gua sha-inspired techniques open energy channels, stimulate circulation, relax muscles, and resolve tension. Warm towels steeped in desert herbs delicately comfort your body to maximize wellbeing. 80 MIN|$275 • 50 MIN|$175


Prepare for a peaceful night of restorative sleep with this unique combination of aromatherapy, tapping, and acupressure. Begin your escape with a gentle chamomile inhalation, followed by a soothing face, neck and shoulder massage with grounding frankincense and rosehip facial oil. Feel cradled by gentle, rhythmic rocking techniques that prepare you for a restful massage with lavender blossom oil. Warm towels steeped in magnesium-rich broth embrace your legs, while sleep-inducing acupressure points are activated to rapidly quiet the mind and invite restful slumber. OUTDOOR TREATMENT ROOM 75 MIN|$275


This meditative service combines the benefits of aromatherapy breathwork, vibrational sound therapy, and a full-body relaxation massage. The healing resonance of thoughtfully placed, therapeutic bowls promotes balance, restoration, and relaxation, while ginger root oil combines with rosemary to calm inflammation. 50 MIN|$175


Experience the calm from a weighted blanket as your feet are wrapped in warm towels infused with sweet birch to relax tired muscles. An aromatherapy massage for your neck and shoulders combined with special facial tapping techniques helps quiet the mind. 20 MIN|$95


This intensive deep tissue leg and foot massage treats sore, fatigued muscles and achy joints with juniper berry oil in a sweet birch rub, known for easing tension and muscle spasms. Birch bark extract and magnesium alleviate aches and curb cramping. Energizing, natural menthols stimulate circulation, relieve inflammation, and invigorate the legs and feet, while arnica extract relieves pain. Perfect for anyone who is on their feet all day. 50 MIN|$195


Nourish and soothe your skin with a cooling Kombucha application. Mineral-rich serums then deliver copper amino acids, peptides, and vitamins to firm and revitalize the skin. Relieve tension, boost circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage with Gua Sha techniques. 80 MIN|$285 • 50 MIN|$175

woman laying on a massage bed


Named for the Sanskrit word for health and tranquility, this curated facial ritual is carefully designed to bring clarifying and rejuvenating benefits to your visage. Reignite your skin’s luminosity, with a complexion-smoothing and brightening sweet cherry enzyme peel. An argan and peptide-rich cream blissfully restores your skin’s natural balance. 50 MIN|$175


Support your skin’s natural beauty with this cooling probiotic facial. Prepare for your restorative journey by gently cleansing the surface with Manuka honey and aloe. A stimulating yet soothing hibiscus enzyme peel follows, allowing the skin to absorb the benefits of chilled probiotics, awakening and reviving the skin for a healthy glow. 50 MIN|$175


Awaken your skin’s natural glow with this enzyme-rich express facial. Manuka honey and aloe gently cleanse and hydrate while preparing your skin for a custom enzyme peel. A gemstone roller invites lymphatic stimulation while plant stem cells provide an antioxidant layer, promoting radiant, healthy skin. 50 MIN|$95


Soft, smooth arms and hands are yours in this relaxing treatment. Begin with a healing Manuka honey cleanse followed by a towel compress soaked in salt and tea to soothe your muscles. A pure lemon verbena polish exfoliation precedes a healing mask of wild lime and gotu kola to hydrate your skin. Concludes with an omega-3 rich massage to deeply nourish, protect, and fortify. 50 MIN|$80


Treat your feet and legs to a healing Manuka honey cleanse followed by a meticulous grooming and shaping of your nails. A pure lemon verbena polish exfoliates and hydrates while a glycolic refining peel and intense repair balm soften and smooth your skin. Towels soaked in herbal tea and birch flakes ease your muscles and prepare them for a grounding leg and foot massage with antioxidant-rich oils and balms to hydrate and soothe. 50 MIN|$95


Known for its skin energizing and antiinflammatory qualities, birch is used throughout this foot treatment to renew and refresh. Starting with a stimulating dry-brush exfoliation, the feet are then soaked in a birch and magnesium bath to soothe pain and fatigue, followed by a coffee silt scrub which deeply exfoliates and softens the skin. An awakening birch liniment is applied to the feet in preparation for a hot stone leg and foot massage. Wrapped in a weighted blankets, sink into our pedicure chair for the most relaxing and detoxifying attention to your feet. 80 MIN|$145


Rooted in traditional herbal remedies, this highly reparative manicure begins with a softening aromatic compress, followed by an uplifting scrub and an awakening birch liniment applied to the hands and arms in preparation for a hot stone massage. Nail and cuticle care follow. 50 MIN|$85

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