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"Awakening The Divine Self"™ Personal Development Retreat

June 3-8, 2018

“Awakening the Divine Self”™ is a five-day, process-oriented, personal development retreat. The most in-depth way to work with Pamela Lancaster and Dr. Tim Frank, the goal of this interactive retreat is to access the inherent wisdom of the soul.

  • Learn to be a conscious creator of your life
  • Gain powerful tools to illuminate honesty with Self
  • Heal past trauma
  • Eliminate obstacles to intimacy
  • Walk through your day with clarity and ease

This group-process retreat is designed for people who are committed to personal growth and living life with meaning. Gain insight for greater joy, fulfillment, and purposeful living. Over the course of the five-day retreat, participants will experience:

  • Shamanic Clearing Ceremonies
  • Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing
  • Holographic Memory Trauma Resolution
  • Ontological Life Coaching
  • Writing and Visualization exercises
  • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
  • Sacred space and altar creation
  • Custom flower essence remedies
  • Challenge Exercises to get out of your comfort zone

“Awakening the Divine Self”™ is the shared calling of two Master Healers—Dr. Tim Frank and Pamela Lancaster. Providing life-altering experiences for those on the path of self-exploration, Pamela and Dr. Tim carry the traditions of indigenous healing cultures. Together they bring more than 35 years of experience in integrative medicine and the healing arts. The goal of Awakening the Divine Self™ workshops, group classes, and private sessions is to overcome blockages and manifest your highest expression.

This five-day healing immersion facilitates deep-seated emotional change and empowerment.

The “Awakening the Divine Self”™ healing retreat begins on a Sunday night with a group dinner and introductory ceremony to set intention and initiate a healing and supportive space for the next four days of intensive life-changing group interaction and personal introspection.

This combination of group-process work and practices for healthy living provides an in-depth healing experience. Drawing from years of self-exploration and therapeutic practice, Pamela and Dr. Tim create a profoundly supportive space. Over these five days they share their deep insights, healing exercises, and tools to help facilitate a liberation from the self-defeating remnants of past traumas, to embody wisdom, and to embrace the birthright of happiness in the present.

Off-hours are spent enjoying the amenities of the world-renowned Miraval Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona:

  • All healthful and flavorful meals, snacks, smoothies and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Variety of Selection of accommodations
  • Participation in regularly scheduled activities, lectures, fitness classes, and spa offerings during off-hours.
  • Shared shuttle from Tucson Airport
  • Tuition Fee of $1,150 plus tax, per person is included in the total cost of your Miraval stay for participation in this exclusive, in-depth exploration.

Through a combination of group-process activities and practices for healthy living, this workshop creates a space for individuals to discover renewed levels of respect for and acceptance of who they truly are. Participants learn to become conscious creators of their lives, gain powerful tools to illuminate honesty with self, heal past traumas, eliminate obstacles to intimacy and empower themselves to move through life with clarity and ease.




Meet your Experience Leaders

Pam Lancaster

Spiritual Guide & Healer | Pam is an internationally recognized Sound Healing specialist, life coach, and licensed body therapist.

specialist pam lancaster

Meet your Experience Leaders

Tim Frank

Naturopathic Physician & Shaman | Dr. Tim integrates master-level massage and acupuncture with ceremonial practices for restorative wellness.

dr. tim frank




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Tuition Fee


Note: All prices do not include tax and are per person, per stay. Cost will be added to the total cost of your stay at Miraval for participation in this exclusive in-depth exploration.
Immersions are subject to cancellation if minimum number of participants is not met. Cancellation notice will be given at least one month prior to immersion start date.