with Mike Elsass

Artist in Residence

instructor led group painting session

APRIL 20 - 23, 2022

10am-12pm & 4pm-6pm | Located near the main path by Cactus Flower Restaurant.

Join Mike Elsass for this complimentary outdoor workshop where you learn to use color, texture and to “paint in the moment”. Stop by for a minute or an hour for an unforgettable painting experience where you paint several pieces and leave with a piece of your original artwork.

Meet the Artist

Mike Elsass

Mike brings his easy smile, laid-back attitude, sense of humor and his great painting know-how to Miraval. Mike is well known for his vibrant abstract paintings on rusted steel. “It’s a rush ahead of the brain: ready, aim, fire“. “You paint first and get introspective later” Elsass said. “Everyone puts on a white tuxedo shirt, it’s letting yourself go with no fear and no mistakes, that’s the way I paint.”

artist mike elsass

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