Wellness Counselor and Art Therapy Specialist

Rebecca Wilkinson

rebecca wilkinson

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca is a Licensed, Registered, and Board Certified Art Therapist in practice for over 25 years. Her passion is helping others experience the highest quality of life given the challenges they are currently facing or have struggled with in the past. Rebecca uses art and dialogue to help people (individuals, couples, and teams) get a new perspective on their lives and walk away with concrete tools for making real change happen. “When we get stuck in patterns of thoughts and feelings, we need ways to shift our perceptions and get a better understanding of ourselves and others. Even the simplest artwork gives us a magical glimpse into who we are and the roadmap to where we want to go.” Rebecca also helps people tap into their creativity, engage right-brain thinking, and work through creative blocks. She is a practicing artist herself and illustrator of the Miraval Mandalas Coloring Book. Rebecca is founder of Creative Wellbeing Workshops and co-author of Positive Art Therapy in Theory and Practice: Integrating Positive Psychology with Art Therapy and teaches on the topic at the George Washington University Graduate Art Therapy Program.