Cactus blooming on the grounds of Miraval Arizona.


A cluster of bright lights, these healers, masters, and pioneers create and curate programs with clarity and intention.

Meet Our Specialists

Our healers, masters, and elite experts are pioneers in their respective fields who are committed to your personal journey. They care deeply about their craft and are passionate about guiding you to heal, explore your future, hold space, or move forward in your life.

Along with local talents from Tucson, each is here to light your path to becoming a more mindful, balanced, and creative human being.

specialist wyatt webb

Wyatt Webb

Creator of Equine Experience | Wyatt believes that Joy is your birthright. He and his horses can help you reclaim that right to joy.


Tejpal, M.A., M.B.A.

Brennan Healing Practitioner | Tejpal invites you to access your intuition and reconnect to an inner light with compassion, insight and healing.

dr. tim frank

Tim Frank, N.M.D.

Naturopathic Physician & Shaman | Dr. Tim integrates master-level massage and acupuncture with ceremonial practices for restorative wellness.

specialist pam lancaster

Pam Lancaster

Spiritual Guide & Healer | Pam is an internationally recognized Sound Healing specialist, life coach, and licensed body therapist.

anne parker wellness counselor

Anne Parker, M.A.

Wellness Counselor | Anne encourages imagination with practical and playful explorations of wellness strategies and techniques.

Portrait of Brent Baum at Miraval Arizona.

Brent Baum

Trauma Specialist | Creator of Holographic Memory Resolution, Brent helps people resolve emotions and pain associated with trauma.

noel patterson

Noel Patterson

Resident Bee Keeper | Noel connects you with the natural world by gathering around the hive and the table to discover the magic of bees.

Nancy Teeter, R.D.

Registered Dietitian | Let Nancy guide you to make good choices that will help you live a long and healthy life.

dietitian angela onsgard


Registered Dietitian | Angela wants to help you develop a healthy relationship with food that reflects your goals and lifestyle.

kim kelder

Kim Kelder

Lead Esthetician | Maximize and maintain healthy skin with Kim’s customized recommendations and whole body approach to skincare.

Ravi Karr

Astrologer | Ravi connects you with the beautiful meaning of your soul’s story written in the cosmos - past, present and future.


Kristi Weber

Exercise Physiologist | Kristi takes a balanced approach to customizing each program and tailors it to meet each guest wherever they are on life’s journey.

kristin reece

Kristin Reece

Intuitive Guide & Psychic-Medium | Gain clarity in your quest for personal discovery with Kristin's intuitive abilities to guide and empower you to develop your own tools for living life in balance.

lisa frank

Lisa Frank M.ED.

Wellness Counselor | Discover Lisa's unique fusion of healing techniques, weaving elements of yoga, meditation, and therapeutic approaches.

nancy j. schroeder

Nancy J. Schroeder

Photographer | Nancy’s photography classes keep your awareness of lighting, shapes, and shadows focused on the present moment.

rebecca wilkinson

Rebecca Wilkinson M.A.

Wellness Counselor & Art Therapy Specialist | Feeling stuck? Rebecca uses art to helps you see things differently and discover the best tools for making real change happen in your life.

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wellness expert rebecca saxon

Rebecca Saxon, BSN, RN, MA

Integrative Wellness Expert | Rebecca's offerings encourage empowerment through self-understanding, in combination with healthy lifestyle changes, to bring more radiance into our lives.

alexandra nicol

Alexandra Nicol

Psychic Medium | Alexandra is a psychic medium from Glasgow, Scotland, who helps guide people on their journey through life.

specialist maggie garbarini

Maggie Garbarini

Psychic | Maggie, world-renowned psychic, uses her gift to help others with private readings and lectures.

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psychic medium tina powers

Tina Powers

Medium | News Anchor turned medium helps connect you with loved ones and guides in another realm to bring harmony and healing.

Portrait of blonde woman wearing glasses at Miraval Arizona.

Juliana Rose Teal

Astrologer | Juliana's readings are unique as she uses a combination of ancient and modern techniques when interpreting an astrological chart.



Clairvoyant | Janet uses her gift of clairvoyance and her skills as a spiritual counselor to help others gain more insight, clarity and understanding in their own lives.

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