Wellness Counseling

Wellbeing is an indication of the state of your whole being. Our experts guide you to create your own lasting blend of balance - emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually.

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KINTSUGI: The Beauty of Imperfection

Meaning to join with gold, this traditional Japanese art reassembles the shattered pieces of a broken piece of pottery with richly colored gold lacquer. Create a Kintsugi vessel in this workshop that examines our relationship with fracture and imperfections, both real and symbolic, with compassionate reflection and a renewed perspective on what it means to be whole. Instead of disguising, discarding, or replacing the cracks in art or life, we can render the traces of imperfection with beauty and strength. 2 HRS | $95

The Gift of Gratitude

The gift of gratitude brings many benefits to our overall health and wellbeing. Talk about the benefits of gratitude in our health and relationships and discuss ways to easily and meaningfully bring gratitude awareness and practice into our daily lives. 45 min


Life, Loss, Letting Go

transitions. Any time we experience the change we also experience loss. Some of those losses are relatively easy to move through while others shake our foundation and disrupt our comfort zones. Join our Wellness Counselor for a realistic view of loss, change, and transition and learn how to support yourself through these experiences and thrive while dealing with tough times. 45 min

The Power of Self-Compassion

Through experiential practices and discussion, this workshop explores ways to deepen compassion and kindheartedness toward yourself, others, and life. Lisa Frank guides you to experience and share in the power of self-compassion. Learn how a deeper sense of acceptance, appreciation, and value can help heal destructive patterns of self-judgment and expand your overall wellbeing. 90 MIN|$125



Your brain is an intricate part of every aspect of your life and personality. When you have a well-functioning brain, you can make informed decisions, enjoy life, navigate challenges, manage stress, and maximize joy. In this personalized session with Lyndi Rivers, explore supportive strategies for developing a healthy brain to improve your overall health and wellbeing. 45 min