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Wellness Counseling

It’s all about balance. Our experts take a holistic approach to wellness to ensure the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual work together for lasting results.

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Authentic Connections

Join a Miraval Specialist and discover ways to create authentic connections. This is meant to be a playful, open dialogue that will be safely moderated in a way that openness and interaction are encouraged, but not required. All guests are welcome.

Optimize Your Brain; Super-Charge Your Life

Brain health is the new cardiac health, and brain management is the next wave for human evolution. Our brains are involved in every single thing we do, including relationships/intimacy, work/career, health/energy, and any decision or choice we make. There is new evidence to show that most of our risk factors for dementia are modifiable. This means we can change our brain and change our lives. Join Rebecca Saxon, RN, MA, to learn about the latest research and how to enhance brain function to keep your mind young as you age. Prevent or slow down cognitive decline and improve your brain’s ability to keep you fit and vital. 90 Min | $95


Transforming Pain through Conscious Attention and Love

This class will explore the concept of pain as it relates to your body, mind and spirit. Discover how your awareness and loving presence can help shift feelings of pain. Whether you have longstanding chronic pain issues, intermittent acute pain or generalized tension and discomfort, this class will bring enlightenment and provide alternative tools for transforming physical pain. Learn the difference between pain and suffering, and explore various ways that you can empower and change your experience.

Tools to Relieve Your Pain

This is an experiential workshop for people who want to learn how to work with their own body, mind and spirit in relation to physical pain and discomfort. You will practice meditations that can shift your perceptions and lovingly release you from stagnant energy that can contribute to pain. We will explore and discuss personal discoveries as it relates to pain in a group setting, and review messages and meaning behind feelings of pain and suffering. 90 Min | $95

Life is Simple; Who Complicates It?

Join Wyatt Webb, creator of the Miraval Equine Experience™, to examine how people create life circumstances that are hindrances to experiencing the joy of life. 1 Hr 45 Min | $150


Creating Clarity: Using Art to Access the Mysteries of the Mind

Art therapist Rebecca Wilkinson guides you through simple art techniques that tap into different parts of the mind and allow you to see yourself in new and empowering ways. Learn to access your creativity and utilize more of the right side of the brain. Discover how these strategies can help shift your perceptions and give you a deeper sense of acceptance and appreciation for yourself. Absolutely no artistic experience is necessary. Rebecca will help you feel at ease with doing art so that you can harness this powerful medium to bring more awareness and intentional change to your life.



“The only thing constant is change.” Life is always a series of transitions, large and small. Often these transitions are painful and confusing even as they lead us on the path to growth and transformation. Anne Parker, M.A., will discuss practical approaches to letting go and moving through transitions and losses of all kinds to facilitate healthy living and reduced suffering.

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When life feels out of balance or out of control, we need to take a realistic look at who and what controls our daily choices and priorities. Join Anne Parker, M.A., for a unique look at what balance really feels like as we go through our days and deal with the demands of family life, work life, technology, personal values, and self-care.


Live with Intention, Bring Miraval Home

The “I” in Miraval represents you, an individual living with intention – the core purpose of your life’s journey. Learn how being mindful of your intentions can help manifest meaningful change and influence those around you. Join Miraval’s Carl Pratt as he shares ways to discover your true intention at Miraval and apply thoughtful tools to help bring the “I” in Miraval home with you as you continue your journey.

The Power of Self-Compassion

Through experiential practices and discussion, this workshop will explore ways to deepen compassion and kindheartedness towards self, others and life. Lisa Frank, M.Ed. will guide you through an opportunity to experience and share in the power of self-compassion. You will learn how gaining deeper acceptance, appreciation, and worthiness can help heal destructive patterns of self-judgment, creating greater freedom, health, contentment and overall well-being. 90 Min | $125


In this workshop, Lisa Frank, M.Ed., blends lecture, discussion, and mindfulness-based exercises to help navigate the challenging, yet transformative world of parenting. Learn ways to become more accepting, compassionate, and present with your children and yourself. Topics and tools will include compassionate communication techniques, mindful discipline, self-awareness, and family cohesion strategies. 90 Min | $125


Mandalas for Meditation

Experience the healing benefits of creating mandalas - circular drawings used to reflect, center, and connect with others. Art therapist Rebecca Wilkinson will guide you through approaches to using mandalas to clear your thoughts, to focus and get into a relaxed state of flow, and to speak with parts of yourself that are not usually accessible through the conscious mind. Participants will make their own mandalas. Come discover the meditative world of mandalas! Absolutely no artistic experience is necessary.


Mastering Your Makeup

Reveal your natural beauty with a Miraval make-up artist who will provide simple tricks and highlighting techniques to enhance your brows, eyes and lips.


Skincare Truths and Myths

Join our Lead Esthetician, Kim Kelder, as she unveils the truths and myths behind the skincare industry. What does natural or organic mean when it comes to beauty products? What effect do certain ingredients really have on wrinkles or age spots? Kim will clarify your questions and your skin, as she discusses how to make mindful and healthy choices when selecting beauty products and creating a skincare ritual.

The How-To’s of Happiness and Well-Being

Emotional intelligence is a key predictor of resilience in the midst of stress, productive interpersonal relationships, true happiness, and overall well-being. Drawing from research in neuroscience, mindfulness, positive psychology, and emotional intelligence, this workshop will explore the key factors that influence our experience of happiness. Join Anne Parker, MA, to discover practical approaches to cultivating well-being with an emphasis on what you can do day-to-day to feel and function at your best. 90 Min | $125


Cooperative Communication: Creating Common Ground

Even when things are going well in our relationships, we can still benefit from understanding each other better. Learn simple techniques that will help you see yourself and others through fresh eyes. Rebecca Wilkinson M.A. will review the building blocks of cooperative communication, such as exploring common values and interests, recognizing and appreciating differences, identifying needs and preferences, and aligning on agreed upon goals.


Positivity & Resilience: Bouncing Back from Stress

Come explore state-of-the-art techniques for coping with stress and building personal and professional resilience. Rebecca Wilkinson, M.A. will help you learn to transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive catalysts for change. Discover simple strategies that will help you reduce stress and anxiety and manage even the most difficult situations so that you feel more hopeful, empowered, and energized in your everyday life.


Aligning Head and Heart to Empower Life Change

Lisa Frank, M.Ed, will discuss integrative modalities that help empower healthy life changes. You will leave with a better understanding of both top-down, cognitive (head) based approaches and bottom-up, body (heart) based approaches to healing and transformation. We will discuss the benefits of mindful embodiment and how making a commitment to integrate the mind, body and spirit can lead to greater alignment, health and well-being.