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Wellness Counseling

It’s all about balance. Our experts take a holistic approach to wellness to ensure the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual work together for lasting results.

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Life, Loss, Letting Go

Life is always a series of changes and transitions. Any time we experience change we also experience loss. Some of those losses are relatively easy to move through while others shake our foundation and disrupt our comfort zones. We are often told we need to “let go” but what does that really look like and feel like? Join Anne Parker, M.A., for a realistic view of loss, change, and transition and the grief processes we experience. Learn what we need to do to support ourselves through these experiences as well as what to focus on to thrive while dealing with tough times.


Living a True Life in Balance

Balance is something so many of us strive to create. But what does it truly mean and how do we live our lives in it? When life feels out of balance or out of control, we need to take a realistic look at how we make daily choices and set priorities. This presentation offers a unique glimpse of what balance can actually look and feel like as we deal with our daily demands and definitions of family life, work life, personal values, and self-care. Anne Parker, M.A., will challenge some misconceptions and unrealistic expectations about what balance is. Join her in this special exploration of how to create a life in balance that is both achievable and practical.

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Much of the chaos we experience in life is out of our control, or even our sphere of influence. The challenge of wellbeing is not to eliminate the external chaos, but to learn to thrive within it. Drawing from research in neuroscience, mindfulness, psychology, and emotional intelligence, this workshop will explore the key factors that influence our experience of wellbeing. Join Anne Parker, M.A., to discover practical approaches to cultivating wellbeing, with an emphasis on what you can do day-to-day to feel and function at your best. We will explore self-regulation, resilience, interpersonal relationships, and spiritual grounding in the context of making choices that help us flourish and keep life full of vitality. 90 MIN|$125



Are you managing your digital life? Or, is it managing you? Our screens have their benefits and are here to stay. Yet, for many, digital distraction has become one of the biggest daily stressors. Anne Parker, M.A., presents an evocative look at what our phones are doing to our brains, bodies, and overall wellbeing. Learn concrete steps you can take to shift your relationship with your devices from one that diminishes your experience in your life to one that supports your productivity and elevates your awareness, health, and happiness.

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Optimize Your Brain; Super-Charge Your Life

Brain health is the new cardiac health, and brain management is the next wave for human evolution. Our brains are involved in every single thing we do, including relationships/intimacy, work/career, health/energy, and any decision or choice we make. There is new evidence to show that most of our risk factors for dementia are modifiable. This means we can change our brain and change our lives. Join Rebecca Saxon, RN, MA, to learn about the latest research and how to enhance brain function to keep your mind young as you age. Prevent or slow down cognitive decline and improve your brain’s ability to keep you fit and vital. 90 Min | $95

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Transforming Pain Through Conscious Attention and Love

This class will explore the concept of pain as it relates to your body, mind, and spirit. Discover how your awareness and loving presence can help shift feelings of pain. Whether you have longstanding chronic pain issues, intermittent acute, pain or generalized tension and discomfort, this class will bring enlightenment and provide alternative tools for transforming physical pain. Learn the difference between pain and suffering, and explore various ways that you can empower yourself to change your experience.

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Tools to Relieve Your Pain

This is an experiential workshop for people who want to learn how to work with their own body, mind, and spirit in relation to physical pain and discomfort. Practice meditations that can shift your perceptions and lovingly release you from stagnant energy that could be causing pain. We will explore and discuss personal discoveries that relates to pain in a group setting, and review messages and meaning behind feelings of pain and suffering. 90 MIN|$95

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The Power of Self-Compassion

Through experiential practices and discussion, this workshop will explore ways to deepen compassion and kindheartedness towards self, others, and life. Lisa Frank, M.Ed. will guide you through an opportunity to experience and share in the power of self-compassion. You will learn how gaining deeper acceptance, appreciation, and worthiness can help heal destructive patterns of self-judgment, creating greater freedom, health, contentment, and overall wellbeing. 90 MIN|$125

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Our health is our wealth. It is time for us to invest in ourselves instead of solely relying on our current healthcare systems to supply us with all the wisdom we need to be our best selves. We can intercept disease before it manifests if we have the right knowledge and tools. Join Integrative RN, Rebecca Saxon, to discover the differences between traditional and holistic pathways to wellness, and learn tips for flourishing health through maintaining homeostasis, the body’s natural state. Also learn about an integrative approach to health and why it is most effective.

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Mastering Your Makeup

Reveal your natural beauty with a Miraval make-up artist who will provide simple tricks and highlighting techniques to enhance your brows, eyes and lips.


Join this all-women workshop to explore the frequently overlooked challenges and opportunities that women face in their 40’s and beyond. These physical and internal shifts, some related to hormonal changes, often show up at the busiest time of a woman’s life and can be surprisingly disruptive. We will discuss our health, relationships, and personal growth. Find out what your body goes through and how you can best support yourself. Learn to mitigate symptoms while increasing joy and vitality in all areas of life. 90 MIN|$95

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Even when things are going well in our relationships, there is opportunity to understand each other and communicate better. Learn the building blocks of cooperative communication, such as exploring common values and interests, recognizing and appreciating differences, identifying needs and preferences, and aligning on agreed upon goals. Discover simple techniques that will help you see your relationships more positively and walk away with concrete tools that enhance your communication with others. 90 MIN|$125

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Come explore state-of-the-art techniques for coping with stress and building personal and professional resilience. Rebecca Wilkinson, M.A. will help you learn to transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive catalysts for change. Discover simple strategies that will help you reduce stress and anxiety and manage even the most difficult situations so that you feel more hopeful, empowered, and energized in your everyday life.