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From farmers and artists to spiritual masters, our experts reveal how age-old practices can help calm minds, enrich lives, and lead to meaningful change.

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Like the stars, our identities are not static; they are dynamic, constantly moving and morphing into new paths and patterns. Your astrological birth chart reveals your soul’s transformational story. Surrendering to this adventure and allowing it to alter and augment your experience can be the greatest act of self-love. Using the exact moment of your birth, Ravi guides you through an empowering understanding of your life and its ongoing transformation. Please supply the exact moment of your birth at registration. 90 MIN | $


Join Leah Bolen for a transformative workshop that will open your eyes to the power and meaning of your nightly dreams. Learn how you can enhance your recall and connect with your dreams for personal insights and inspirations. Walk away with a new understanding of the benefits of dreaming and how you can work with a wide array of types, including reoccurring themes and nightmares. You’ll also discover the practice of ‘dream incubation,’ which enables you to tap into your visions for creative solutions. Discover the gifts that come from being mindful of your dreams. 90 MIN | $


Chorus of Crystals

Experience this gentle and transformational meditation. Reset your chakra system by resting in a crystal layout and bathing in the soothing vibrations of Himalayan sound bowls and a quartz crystal harp. Leave this meditation with renewed energy, an understanding of each chakra’s role, and recommended crystals to keep them balanced. We do not recommend this class if you are pregnant or have mobility issues. 90 MIN | $



Under the starry desert sky and warmed by s’mores and hot cocoa, Ravi explains the astrological meaning of the universe and our place within it. In this fireside gathering, Ravi offers a cosmic theory of unity which simultaneously reveals our individual destiny. Then, based on your exact minute of birth, Ravi interprets your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Receive your birth chart’s personalized interpretation and view the night sky through a Celestron telescope. | $


Discover the ancient practice of smudging, a cleansing ritual utilizing smoke from a burning bundle of herbs to purify your mind, aura, and physical space. Explore and empower yourself on this educational journey with Kristin Reece as she teaches about the tools and importance of ceremony and how you can apply the practice for your highest and greatest good. Create your own smudge stick in this hands-on workshop. 90 MIN | $



Participate in this session by activating your physical and energetic senses. You can see with your mind’s eye, feel your body’s physical and emotional sensations, and listen deeply to grasp the intuitive wisdom that may appear. Move through a relaxing sound journey with a guided intention setting activity that helps you reconnect to your breath and body. This simple experience activates your full awareness and helps you cultivate an embodied and grounded sense of self. | $


Join this hands- on workshop to confidently create a crystal-infused essential oil roller bottle. Learn about crystal energy, the benefits of working with essential oils, and how these two holistic modalities can help you find peaceful moments throughout your day. Choose an infusion-blend of vitality, stress relief, or self-love. Take home your essential oil crystal infusion blend, a paired positive affirmation, and a peace ritual to support a more balanced and harmonious daily routine. This class is not suitable for pregnant guests or anyone with allergies to essential oils like citrus, lavender, or eucalyptus. $




Carolyn Fike guides you around the property, highlighting its different crystals, their metaphysical properties, and suggested placement. Leave with an understanding of where and why certain crystals are hidden on the property and gain a basic understanding of the geology of crystals in addition to home use and placement.

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Create a Life with Meaning & Purpose


Integrate ancient wisdom with modern living by exploring the concept of Dharma (your true calling) and learning about the Five Pillars of Dharma, along with practical ways to implement them. Continue the journey through an interactive self-inquiry prompt to help discover your Dharma and create a powerful mantra to align with it.


Ayurveda, Sanskrit for the science of life, is a timeless system of health, wellness, and longevity. Learn about your unique Ayurvedic constitutional type or dosha. Knowing your dosha type informs you of your essential nature, your tendencies and characteristics, your strengths, and areas of challenge. Learn strategies to optimize your health and wellness based on your dosha with Ayurvedic specialist Clinton Horner. 90 MIN | $

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Explore the four elements of the soul to ground your life in both purpose and connection. During this lecture, Tejpal coaches your group through a short soul journey and offers intuitive feedback.



This 45-minute experiential lecture allows for a safe and welcoming container in which to honor our dreams of the night. Dream circles are a long-held tradition across many cultures. By opening ourselves up to our own and other’s dream experiences, we can enhance our sense of empowerment, empathy, and belonging. Come experience the art of dream sharing


Enter a circle of spirit and light with this small, intimate group workshop that offers interactive and immersive multi-sensory exercises to balance energy and positively realign emotional states. Using obsidian crystals and river stones as conduits for releasing and accepting energy, Rae Jessie leads a guided visualization for constructively facing challenges while discovering paths towards connection. Receive a personal message as well as a take-home touchstone to reconnect you to this circle of profound openness, comfort, and healing energy. 90 MIN | $


Emergence, A Ritual of Remembrance

Join Jess Holzworth in an exploratory embodiment ritual, reconnecting you to your essential nature. Rituals provide us with a sense of renewal and can help us transcend the mundane, creating space for internal shifts. In this setting, we journey through the rich landscape of our inner world. Through breath, movement, sensation, and imagination, rediscover and embrace the true essence of your being. | $


INTUITIVE LIVING: Discover Three Principles That Will Change Your Life

When you open the door to your intuitive self on a daily basis, you can create a better-balanced life that is more in tune with your true identity.


Journey's of Renewal

Embark on a curated inner journey that helps you acknowledge personal challenges and set intentions. This workshop symbolically demonstrates cleansing and renewal through a traditional smudging and intention-setting ceremony. An accompanying guided visualization offers each guest an individualized inner experience, alongside shared experiences of the group. Guests leave with a take-home totem card designed by Rae Jessie that corresponds to a choice they made in their visualization. | $



LOVE & LIBATION Discover how you are uniquely designed to be loved. Using the exact minute of your birth, Ravi interprets the characteristics of your soulmate. Whether you are in a relationship or single, your specific requirements for feeling loved will be mystically affirmed. Biodynamic wine (cultivated by observing astrological cycles) complements the evening’s revelations as you become aware of what you are cosmically entitled to in a relationship. | $

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Self-care is not one-size-fits-all. One person’s bubble bath is another person’s martial arts practice. The Moon’s position at the precise moment of your birth reveals secrets about the forms your specific self-nurturance might take. Join Ravi as he guides you through interpreting your astrological Moon, envisioning new self-care methods, and communicating your need to be nurtured in this specific way. Exact minute of birth needed upon registration. | $

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The mala is a unique meditation tool. When paired with a mantra, it can bring your awareness, feelings, and physical sensations into the present moment and draw you closer to your authentic self. Create your mantra to help manifest your intentions and develop or deepen your mediation practice at home.

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Join Brent Baum for an introductory lecture about Holographic Memory Resolution™, a method he developed for understanding the body’s potential to heal and release stored trauma.



In this one-hour group intensive, you are guided through the experience of a past life regression. Rae Jessie starts with a unique obsidian meditation as a bonus technique to assist in your past life exploration. Past life regressions are a phenomenal way to explore your inner processes and reveal aspects of who you are. Rae Jessie creates a soothing and empowering atmosphere so you can discover some of the many of the lives you lived. Experience a past life and see new reflections of personality and purpose. 75 MIN | $



A pendulum is a symmetrical, weighted object that hangs from a single chain or cord. There are several uses for this simple dowsing tool. In this experiential lecture, witness the subconscious mind’s power to manifest your highest intention using a pendulum and a visual meditation. Leave with the knowledge of additional ways to use this sacred instrument



Do you feel tired or stressed but aren’t sure why? It might be that someone else’s energy is occupying your space. Laughter isn’t the only emotion that is contagious. We often pick up other people’s energy and emotions and internalize them without realizing it. It can distract and drain us, blurring boundaries and bewildering perception. Learn tools and techniques in this private session that can help you protect yourself from other people’s unwelcome energy and feelings. When you have the power to release these encroaching forces, you can make space more joy, enthusiasm, and vitality to enter your life and energetic field. | $



This lecture with Miraval’s Ayurveda expert Clinton Horner examines consciousness, soul, and spirit as the fundamental source of all thought, action, and physical manifestation. Gain a greater understanding of consciousness and its connection with quantum physics. Discuss the value of mantra meditation and how you can develop and use these powerful techniques that enhance creativity, health, and fulfillment.




Sleep plays a vital role in your health and wellbeing throughout your life. In this offering, you’ll gain insights into how your sleep is the foundation for wellness and learn how to foster healthy sleep. With inspiration from ancient Egypt and Greece’s sleep and dream temples, explore the nighttime rituals that can transform your relationship with rest. Learn how to create your sleep sanctuary, prepare your body and mind for sleep, and embrace the power of your dreams.



A powerful aspect of spiritual drumming – and the reason people have done it since the beginning of human existence – is its ability to alter consciousness. Through rhythmic repetition, movement, and ritual sound, the body and spirit can energize and transform for extended periods. When used as a healing tool, it can change the tenor of your inner narrative and allow you to feel a sense of oneness and a powerful way to connect with your divine self. | $


Understanding Crystals

Join Lindsey Banis for an introduction to crystal energy, crystal care, and crystal programming. Understand how to connect and work with crystals to enhance your life on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Go home with the knowledge of proper crystal care, how to connect and program your crystals, and simple techniques to balance and rejuvenate your energy wherever you go.

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UNLEASH THE POWER OF YOUR SOUL: Commit to Vibrant Living

Become vibrant physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as Tejpal introduces healing tools from ancient spiritual traditions.