Balanced stones lined up on small creek at Miraval Arizona.

Spirit & Soul

From farmers and artists to spiritual masters, our experts reveal how age-old practices can help calm minds, enrich lives, and lead to meaningful change.

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tools for tibetan chakra balancing


Chorus of Crystals: Sound Meditation

Experience this gentle, transformational, and healing meditation that helps balance the chakra system by resting in a crystal layout and bathing in the healing vibrations from Himalayan sound bowls and a quartz crystal harp. Leave this meditation with renewed and balanced energy, along with an understanding of each charka's role and recommendations for crystals that can help keep them in balance. 90 Min | $65

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Understanding Crystals

Join this lecture for an introduction to crystal energy, crystal care, do's and dont's, and crystal programming. Gain an understanding of how to connect and work with crystals to enhance your life on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Go home with the knowledge of proper crystal care, how to connect and program your crystals, and simple techniques to balance and rejuvenate your energy wherever you go.

burning herbs used for smudging


Discover the ancient Native American practice of Smudging, a cleansing ritual that uses smoke from a burning bundle of herbs to purify your mind, aura, and physical space. Create your own smudge stick in this hands-on workshop under the guidance of intuitive coach, Kristin Reece. Take home your own custom-crafted smudge stick and purify the energy within your home or office. Create a sacred space that brings you joy, peace, and prosperity. 90 MIN|$85

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Intuitive Living: Discover Three Principles That Will Change Your Life

When you open the door to your intuitive self on a daily basis, you create a life that is more better balanced and more in tune with your true identity.

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Calm the Mind, Open the Heart: Discover the Ancient Ways of Healing

Join Pam Lancaster and Dr. Tim Frank to play and be awakened to the ancient art of sound and vibrational healing. Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, gongs, and mantras will be used to calm the mind, center the heart, and reconnect the body.

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Five Secrets of Skincare

If your vanity counter is cluttered with beauty products and you’re not sure what works or why, this lecture is perfect for you! Join our lead esthetician, Kimberly Kelder, as she reveals the secrets of maintaining beautiful skin. Learn about products, ingredients, and steps that are truly necessary for keeping skin plump and polished to keep that youthful glow. Kim will answer questions and discuss how to select products with effective ingredients that allow you to create a simplified skincare ritual that makes sense for you.

shuniya sound ceremony at miraval arizona resort & spa

Chrysalis of Sound

Relax deeply during this ceremonial journey into the heart and discover the serenity of your soul. Feel the stress of your body melt away, your mind become still, and your senses arrive at a deeper state of tranquility. Pam Lancaster and Dr. Tim Frank co-facilitate a group vision quest that utilizes personal intentions, gentle sounds of nature, and the relaxing tones of harmonious Tibetan singing bowls. Each participant lies lightly cocooned on warmed mats infused with amethyst and tourmaline. 45 MIN|$215 Seasonally offered

Close up of person using clay tools to make a sculpture at Miraval Arizona.

Create and Rejuvenate with Clay

This discussion-based workshop will gently guide you from the “head” to the “heart” of your creative spirit, using clay as a tactile tool for relaxation as we explore the practice of non-judgment. 90 MIN|$55

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Healing the Emotional Body

Explore the myth that our brain is the emotional processing plant of the body and learn both ancient and new strategies for processing and releasing difficult emotions. You will be introduced to the surprising concepts of muscle memory and gut intelligence and learn mindful approaches to experiencing our emotions.

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Discover Your Soul Mission

Explore the four elements of the soul to ground your life in both purpose and connection. During this lecture, Tejpal will guide the group through a short soul journey and will offer intuitive feedback.

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Channel your “primitive spirit” using a variety of hand-held drums in this easy-going class.

woman floating in a pool of water experiencing a himalayan sound bath

Himalayan Sound Bath: Group Healing Session

Join Master Healers Pam Lancaster and Dr. Tim Frank in this groundbreaking sound therapy session. Increase mental clarity, relieve stress, and decrease anxiety as you float effortlessly in the warm water of our therapeutic pool and surrender to it’s healing vibrations. 45 MIN|$150 Seasonally offered

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Discover Your Dosha

In Ayurvedic thought, everything is made up of the five elements of space, air, fire, water, and earth. They combine into three principles, called doshas: Vata (movement), Pitta (metabolism), and Kapha (structure). They govern, control, and regulate the functions of our body and mind. We have all three, in different proportions, and together they make up our unique nature. Learn from Clinton Horner, Ayurveda Specialist, about how you can elevate your own wellbeing by understanding how to balance your doshas. 90 MIN|$75

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Master Your Mind Heal Your Body

Join Brent Baum for an introduction to the concept of Holographic Memory Resolution™, which heals the body by releasing stored trauma.

Woman walks around the lotus stone garden at Miraval Arizona.


Quantum Consciousness

Explore consciousness, soul, and spirit as the fundamental source of all our thoughts, actions, and physical manifestations. In this enlightening and experiential workshop, you will gain a greater understanding of the true nature of consciousness and discover its connection with the teachings of quantum physics. Learn simple, yet powerful, awareness meditation techniques that will connect you to a gateway of greater creativity, health, and fulfillment of your life’s desires.

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Malas, Mantras & Mindfulness

Learn the intricacies and significance of a unique meditation tool known as the mala. While exploring how to use a mala, you will also learn how to create your own personal mantra, affirmation, or prayer, to help manifest your intentions. Mantras and malas can aid in transporting your awareness, feelings, and physical sensations into the present moment, and ultimately draw you closer to your authentic self. You will leave with tips and tools to help create or deepen your mediation practice at home.

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Unleash the Power of Your Soul: Commit to Vibrant Living

Become vibrant physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as Tejpal introduces healing tools from ancient spiritual traditions.

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Life is Simple, Who Complicates It?

Join Wyatt Webb, creator of the Miraval Equine Experience™, to examine how people create life circumstances that can hinder their ability to fully experience joy. 100 MIN|$150