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Join our beekeeper for a first-hand journey into the magic of Miraval’s marvelous bees with honey tastings, workshops, and more.

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Noel Patterson takes you through a hands-on bee experience and shares his love of apiculture. Don a beekeeper suit, complete with gloves and gaiters, and join Noel at the beehives for this truly unique opportunity to view these insects up-close and learn more about how they work and survive in today’s world. 2 HRS | $

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Join Noel Patterson to discuss everything buzzworthy about bees. Why are they in the news so often? What is Colony Collapse Disorder, and what can we do about it? Learn about why bees matter and why it is important to remain optimistic and support those who keep their bees responsibly. Topics will vary each week, but the passion for discussion will always “bee” present. 60 min