Private Wellness Counseling

Life’s challenges occur at both personal and universal levels. Meet privately with our experts to learn tools for sleeping soundly, eating well, processing grief, and more.


Private Sessions

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Letting Go, Letting In

“The only thing constant is change”. Life’s changes, losses, and transitions are often painful and confusing, even as they lead us to new beginnings. Consult with a Wellness Counselor to explore personal losses, changes, and transitions in a confidential, caring environment. Discover strategies for self-support and grounding as you move through the normal feelings of grief, confusing thoughts and emotions, and difficulties that come with change. 50 MIN|$215 • DUET 50 MIN|$165 PP

EMBODIED PRESENCE: A Transformative Inner Quest to Self- Empowerment

Join Lisa Frank in this individualized session that uses Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, an integrative approach to healing, self-discovery, and personal growth. This embodied mindfulness experience combines assisted physical movement (yoga asana), therapeutic touch, and nondirective, compassionate dialogue (body-mind psychology) to promote deeper awareness, acceptance, and connection to your authentic self. Added benefits may include release of tension and trauma, greater mental and emotional clarity, and relaxation. 80 MIN|$250

Miraval Exclusive


This consultation with a Wellness Counselor offers a confidential space for you to address personal issues related to life transitions of all kinds, balancing life’s demands, emotional well-being, changing habits, navigating relationships, or managing difficult emotions. If you would like to explore how to integrate positive changes in your life, feel less stuck in your personal growth, or create ways to actively support your own balance and wellness, this consultation can give you fresh ideas and a new perspective. 50 MIN|$215 • DUET 50 MIN|$165 PP


Lisa Frank’s unique fusion of healing techniques converge in a joint offering of Partner Yoga and Mindful Relationships to help partners become more consciously connected. First, cultivate new levels of connection, trust, insight, and intimacy through the fun physical practice of Partner Yoga. Then continue the process by exploring ways to apply mindfulness to your relationships, while identifying and shifting patterns so that you can better appreciate your partner and yourself. DUET 80 MIN|$175 PP

Guest Favorite


Lisa Frank offers a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to help you identify, shift, and begin the process of letting go of behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve you. The whole self is addressed by finding links between physical sensations, emotions, and belief systems. Clear blocked energy, increase self-awareness, and develop resources that cultivate a friendlier relationship towards your whole self. 50 MIN|$215

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Lisa Frank helps you navigate the challenging yet transformative world of parenting. Learn ways to become more accepting, compassionate, and present with your children and yourself. Topics and tools include compassionate communication techniques, mindful discipline, self-awareness, and family cohesion strategies. 50 MIN|$215 • DUET 50 MIN|$165 PP


Being kind to yourself can powerfully affect your health, happiness, and quality of life – and it can benefit others, too. Use this consult to develop compassionate, mindfulness-based skills to enhance acceptance, worthiness, and forgiveness towards yourself and others. Lisa Frank helps you transform the relationship you have with yourself, others, and life, and guides you to heal from the destructive patterns of self-judgment. 50 MIN|$215