Private Wellness Counseling

Life’s challenges occur at both personal and universal levels. Meet privately with our experts to learn tools for sleeping soundly, eating well, processing grief, and more.


Private Sessions



Discover Wellness Counselor Lisa Frank’s unique fusion of healing techniques in a combined offering of Partner Yoga and Mindful Relationships designed to help partners become more consciously connected and aware. First, cultivate new levels of connection, trust, insight, and intimacy through the fun physical practice of Partner Yoga. Then continue the process of connecting on a deeper level by exploring ways to apply mindfulness to your relationships, identifying and shifting patterns to develop a deeper appreciation of your partner and self. 80 MIN | $

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Your mind is an intricate aspect of how you perceive and react to life events. When you develop a positive state of mind, you can make informed decisions, navigate challenges, manage stress, and increase resiliency. In this consultation with a Wellness Counselor, you can explore supportive and state-of-the-art techniques for developing your mind so that you can release limiting belief systems to experience a joyful life and improve your overall wellbeing. | $

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Sexual pleasure is the measure of sexual wellbeing and a component of a balanced life. It’s human nature to want to experience sexual pleasure, whether in partnership or solo. In this private session with Lyndi Rivers, you can have an intimate conversation about topics such as mismatched desire/ libido, orgasms, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, masturbation, sex toys, pain during sex, common misconceptions about sex, the impacts children and aging have on desire, maintaining or improving a good sexual connection, or any other related issues. Leave with ideas for how to increase intimacy, improve your sex life, and deepen your sexual pleasure. | $


The saying that “the only thing constant is change” reminds us that life includes losses and transitions of all kinds. These times can be painful and confusing, even when they lead us to new beginnings. This consult with a Wellness Counselor helps you explore personal losses, changes, and transitions in a confidential, caring environment. Discover strategies for self-support and re-grounding as you move through the normal but confusing thoughts, emotions, and difficulties that come with these life-altering experiences. | $


This consultation with a Wellness Counselor provides a confidential place for you to address personal issues related to life transitions of all kinds, balancing life’s demands, emotional resilience, habit change, or difficult emotions. If you would like to explore how to integrate positive changes in your life, feel stuck in your personal growth, or want to create ways to actively support your balance and wellness, this consultation can give you fresh ideas and a new perspective tailored to you. 50 MIN | $


In this consultation, you will explore the key skills in creating and supporting positive relationships by improving communication, deepening connections, shifting expectations, and developing more contentment with each other. | $


Join Lyndi Rivers for a consult created to support your pelvic concerns, including incontinence, prolapse, pain, or other challenges. You will receive guidance on individualized tools, such as breathing techniques, movements, or meditations, to support the function and health of your pelvic floor. | $


Discover Michelle Fraley’s strategic approach to retraining your brain for positivity, optimism and hope. During this consult, you will have an opportunity to learn how to break negative thought patterns, release negative belief systems holding you back and begin the process of neuroplasticity to rewire your brain for happiness and positivity. Leave with concrete tools you can integrate into your life to improve your emotional and mental wellbeing and live out your most joyful human experience. $



Learning to relate more kindly towards yourself can have a powerful effect on health, happiness, and overall quality of life while also benefiting others. In this consult, you will develop mindfulness-based self-compassion skills to enhance acceptance, worthiness, and forgiveness towards yourself and others. Lisa Frank M.Ed, Counseling, will help you transform the relationship you have with yourself, others, and life, and help you heal from the destructive patterns of self-judgment. 50 MIN | $


Getting a good night’s sleep can make a remarkable difference to your mood, productivity, and overall wellbeing. Put yourself on the best path forward to improve your sleep health with this one-on-one session. Certified sleep science coach Leah Ann Bolen supports you in identifying the issues at the root of your inability to sleep. Walk away with a personalized plan to address your sleep issues with simple but specific sleep-related habits and routines. Begin your journey to better sleep here. | $