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Private Spirit & Soul

Private sessions in sound therapy, Native American rituals, spiritual practices and more take healing to a deeper level, help awaken intuition, and inspire the soul.


Private Sessions

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With your birth date, place, and time, our astrologer creates a profile that targets your specific talents and skills, plus future possibilities. Receive a recording of your session and printout of your star chart. 50 Min | $235

Clairvoyant Reading

Engage in a unique clairvoyant reading and gain insight into decisions and changes you wish to make in your life. An aura reading is an illuminating way to discover more about yourself, what may be limiting you, and how to move forward. By reading the energies of the aura, you will gain greater self-knowledge, validation, and enthusiasm for your life path. 50 Min|$250

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This is a hands-on energy healing session offering insights at the mental, emotional, and physical levels. 50 Min | $300

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By healing memories that induce emotional and physical blockages, it is possible to resolve disease, depression, compulsivity, pain, and anxiety at their source. This therapy, created by Brent Baum, has been used to teach trauma survivors tools to access their memory and resolve emotions often associated with traumatic events. 80 Min | $275

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Spirit Flight

This transformational healing ceremony with Dr. Tim Frank combines a full-body therapeutic massage with the healing practices of Spiritual Shamanism and drumming, plus acupuncture, CranioSacral Therapy, and spinal alignment to renew your energy and balance. This is a specialty service with limited availability. 110 Min | $475

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Take a meditative journey with Tony Redhouse around the Sacred Circle of your life using ancient sounds. 50 Min | $210 • Duet 1 Hr 30 Min | $315 per person

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Utilizing totem cards, Pam Lancaster helps you embrace the art of being and to move with graceful action. 50 Min | $240

Samadi Healing Ceremony

A vision quest for the soul, this transformational Shamanic healing ceremony combines modalities from around the world to balance and empower one’s physical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual being. With drumming, reiki, and reflexology massage of extremities, Dr. Tim Frank artfully blends sacred Tibetan acupuncture points of enlightenment with Native American shamanic healing practices of his lineage. 50 Min | $300

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The ancient healing arts of Tibetan bowls, Kundulini yoga gong baths, and tuning forks are combined with traditional Thai massage, Chi Nei Tsang, and Shiatsu in this full-body healing session. 1 Hr 45 Min | $365

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This session focuses on specific situations in your life where you want more insights to release old blocks and old pain or create more joy. Tejpal uses her intuitive skills, coaching skills, energy healing skills, and spiritual knowledge to help you create the shifts you are looking for. 50 Min | $300

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Through music and channeling, you will explore some aspects of your lineage and past lives that may prevent you from creating a vibrant life. You will receive insights and healing shared by your spiritual guides that will support you to fulfill your soul longings. 50 Min | $300

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Create a flower essence mist that is uniquely yours and allow Spiritual Guide and Healer Pam Lancaster to open the door to clarity and empower you to manifest the positive change in your life. 80 Min | $290

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Spiritual Journey to Your Higher Power

Embrace the healing energy of the desert with intuitive coach and healer, Kristin Reece, as she helps you connect with your higher-self through nature. Hike, stroll and/or sit amongst the beauty of the Sonoran Desert with Kristin as she guides you on a journey of spiritual and self-discovery. Learn how to replenish your natural vibration, make connection with your spirit guides, and receive messages through Kristin’s psychic and channeling abilities. Walk back into your life with more clarity and empowerment. *All ability levels welcome. Indoor sessions available. 50 Min | $275

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Pam Lancaster surrounds you with healing sounds and vibrations so you can reconnect with your true nature. 50 Min | $250