rider cruises down the trail as the sun dips behind the mountains

Mountain Biking

Learn basic skills or challenge your expertise in off-road biking, balance, control, navigating sand/hills, and riding single track with tailored, guided mountain-bike rides.

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group riding mountain bikes down the mountain trail


Mountain Biking Basics

Learn basic off-road riding skills, including balance, control, navigating sand and hills, and riding singletrack. This is a class of one-to-three miles designed for the guest with no previous mountain biking experience. 2 hrs

man riding a bike


Mountain Bike Riding Techniques

Build on the concepts and skills taught in the Mountain Bike Basics class with this physically challenging, three-to-five mile off-road adventure. Previous mountain biking experience is recommended. 2 hrs

group of bike riders on the trail


Mountain Biking Advanced Ride

Take mountain biking to the next level and apply the skills and confidence from your mountain biking routine to this challenging single-track ride. Regular mountain biking experience is required. Guests without significant single-track experience should try Mountain Biking Techniques or private sessions instead. 2 hrs