At the Purple Sage Ranch, award-winning equine experiences help unleash creativity, improve communication, heal fear and trauma, and take you on an unforgettable experience.

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The Equine Experience has helped guests for over a quarter-century. Hoof in hand with skilled equine professionals, our gentle and highly intuitive horses reflect human emotions and reveal behaviors that help you learn about yourself.



Lucinda Vette shares profound stories from our herd of horses that illustrate the evolving role of the horse and human bond. These stories provide an inspiring framework for looking within to access your inner wisdom. Learn how our Miraval horses guide people to connect with their soul’s unique imprint to flow in the present moment. At work, play, home, or out in the world, horses give us permission to let go of our human ideals of perfection and live more authentically.



Are you curious about our Equine Program? Join us for a behind the-scenes experience with the horses and humans at Purple Sage Ranch. This fun, relaxed, and unstructured experience lets you interact with the horses, learn their stories and personality quirks, ask questions, and see what it’s like to be part of the herd.



As humans, we have a conditioned-self and an authentic-self. Being connected with nature can help us see past the conditioned-self, and to remember who we truly are, a limitless being. Re-discover what this means by interacting with the masters of connection and authenticity, Miraval’s four legged colleagues. Venture to Purple Sage Ranch to discover the expansive nature, and infinite-self in a creative way. 90 MIN | $



In this unmounted class exploring vital links within yourself and the world around you, we collaborate with horses to engage the biology of being in connection. Unbound is about building pathways of perception between the body and brain to foster curiosity, creativity, and compassion when faced with challenges. We can become the editors of our experiences and the authors of a life in balance. In this expansive state, we create space to show up more connected with ourselves and encourage others to do the same. 120 MIN | $

Journey to Self

The Journey to Self is an archetypal story pattern in which a hero goes on an adventure, faces trials and temptation, grapples with a crisis, and undergoes a transformation in consciousness before returning home. Guided by our trained equine specialists, walk horses through a series of obstacles that represent challenges and triumphs from your life. Reframe your experience and become the hero of your journey. 120 MIN | $



Miraval Equine Experience

Practice living life in the moment as you work with specially selected horses and our expert facilitators. Perform equestrian ground skills and get a chance to notice personal patterns that may be holding you back from the life you want to live. 120 MIN | $


COMMON GROUND: Self-Leadership for Effective Communication

Experience the powerful dynamics of non-verbal communication and how this influences your ability to lead yourself and others. In this unmounted activity, you will move with a horse around the pen, engaging tools of communication, collaboration, and creativity without speaking or touching. The insights and skills you discover may apply equally to personal and professional relationships. 120 MIN | $

Purple Sage Equine Meditation

Create balance and tap into the power of presence with the Purple Sage Herd. With horses as models of mindful, embodied presence, greet each moment through awakening to your senses. Discover how awareness of your senses can slow down a busy mind by enhancing connection and balance. This is a unique departure from traditional formal meditation practices and exploring alternative ways to bring mindfulness into our daily lives. 90 MIN | $