At the Purple Sage Ranch, award-winning equine experiences help unleash creativity, improve communication, heal fear and trauma, and take you on an unforgettable ride.

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woman gently stroking a horse

Miraval Equine Experience

Notice patterns of behavior by performing equestrian ground skills with our horses and expert facilitators. 2 Hrs | $45

horse racing along a fence at sunset

Equine Photography at the Purple Sage Ranch

Elevate your awareness as you learn to capture beautiful images of our unique Sonoran Desert environment at the Purple Sage Ranch. Join Nancy Schroeder and our Equine staff as they guide you through the thoughtful art of photography and encourage you to truly observe and appreciate your surroundings. Engage with Miraval horses and the desert for an evening full of creativity, gratitude, and beauty. 90 Min | $75

horse and woman connect during painting

An Unforgettable Canvas

Use your creativity to paint onto a horse. A living canvas encourages organic and in-the-moment storytelling. 2 Hrs | $75

woman looking at horse in the arizona desert

Common Ground: Understanding Barriers to Connection

Move a horse around the pen without touching or speaking to identify your communication challenges and strengths. 2 Hrs | $45

man sharing a gentle moment with a white horse

It's Not About The Horse

Acclaimed equine facilitator Wyatt Webb’s unique horse program takes you on a revealing journey inside yourself. 2.5 Hrs | $150

horse and woman share a quiet moment

Purple Sage Equine Meditation

Explore this unique meditation experience that will allow your active mind to settle inward and unite with your body. Engage with a horse while exploring the seven tenets of mindfulness. We will explore the benefits of connection, balance, and mindfulness. 90 Min | $75

group walking through the desert on horseback

Introduction to Mindful Horseback Riding

Enjoy a walk-only desert ride that combines a brief instruction with a serene outing in the desert. 2 Hrs | $150