Conscious Cooking is at the core of how we approach food. Relish seasonal menus, cooking demonstrations, and immersive workshops with tips for pleasing the palate, balancing the body, and minimizing food waste.

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The Life in Balance Culinary Kitchen features state-of-the-art educational culinary facilities that host our signature hands-on culinary workshops, as well as special events and celebrations. Enter our open, experiential kitchen and learn alongside Miraval’s culinary team about using the right tools and techniques to add flavor and texture to healthy meals. Our renowned Conscious Cooking philosophy allows guests to view food through many lenses - its production, preparation, consumption, and relationship to ourselves and our community. Living well isn’t just about eating the right food, it is also about community and conviviality - sharing the joy of the experience with people you care about.

fire-roasting tomatoes and peppers



This hands-on experience teaches you the techniques of tortilla making. You will learn all about generational farming, biodiversity, organic production, community, family, and sustainability from masa to taco. Learn how to create delicious tacos with fresh ingredients and herbs in our demonstration kitchen. 60 min | $

Close up of eggs in egg carton at Miraval Arizona.



Discover the rich nutrients and flavors that eggs and other breakfast or brunch items can offer. Explore techniques used by Miraval’s culinary team with an inside look at nutrition, preparation, and service. Conclude with a light meal. 60 MIN | $


Raise the Bar

Join us for a fun and educational class that teaches you how to order drinks without losing sight of your health goals. Sample cocktails and appetizers while you learn to raise the bar for your next happy hour. 45 MIN | $

fresh leafy greens with water droplets



Discover why people in the five Blue Zones of the world live longer than average and how you can bring this healthy lifestyle home with you. Join Miraval’s master chefs and lead dietitians as they explore the food, wine, and environments of the cultures that have begun to uncover the secrets to longevity. Enjoy an exciting dish from one of the five regions as you learn nutritional and culinary techniques. 90 MIN | $



Sample the culinary creations of our talented chefs with our most intimate dining experience in the heart of Miraval’s kitchen. Savor selections from our daily menu and freshly formulated, exclusive dishes paired with wine. This offering is for the adventurous foodie. We are glad to accommodate any dietary preferences with advanced notice. 120 MIN | $


This interactive experience invites guests to prepare a dish alongside our chefs. Our culinary program is built on the idea that plants’ phytonutrients may offer tremendous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Our kitchens serve a variety of freshly farmed food, 80% of which is plant-based and 20% protein-based. This workshop provides tips for entertaining guests and family while supporting a healthy, plant-based diet. 60 MIN | $


Homemade Sports Nutrition

Performance nutrition is not just for professional athletes; everyone should know how to fuel their bodies properly for activities like long hikes, bike rides, or runs. In this class, you will learn the importance of recovery nutrition, its four components, and how to create an easy recovery snack for your next activity by giving your body what it needs to adapt to training and get stronger. Also, learn how to make a homemade sports drink with no artificial sweeteners or dyes to help you stay hydrated during activity or rehydrate after exercise. Use this class to understand the importance of nutrition in recovering from activity with a food-first approach.


Celestial Farm Dinner

Join Miraval's culinary leaders' for an intimate dining experience inside the Life in Balance Culinary Kitchen. Delight in true farm-to-table culinary creations with this eight-course tasting menu made from fresh and flavorful ingredients. All dishes are inspired by our Life In Balance philosophy and mindfully paired with moonlight, wine, and spirits. Don't miss this sublime, one-of-a-kind dining experience in our Life In Balance Culinary Kitchen, set against views of the sunset-lit Santa Catalina Mountains and crowned by the star-filled southwestern sky.


This interactive experience invites guests to prepare a creative cocktail and appetizer alongside our bartender and chef. Savor your libation as you explore the art of the cocktail and our cooking philosophy. Bring these techniques to your kitchen and create aperitifs and hors-d’oeuvres with home ingredients to make simple syrups, garnish cocktails, and infuse flavors. 45 MIN | $

making salsa with a mortal and pestle


This hands-on class demonstrates how to make innovative, nutritious, and modern sauces that complement the best foods. Learn knife skills, sautéing and simmering techniques, and a professional chef’s approach to developing and pairing flavors. Our featured sauces are on a rotating schedule and include tapenade, pesto, romesco, and many others. Taste your newly created sauce with a paired appetizer and glass of wine. 60 MIN | $


Uncover secrets and varieties of different chocolates. This interactive experience reveals the process and technique involved in preparing truffles and tempering chocolate. 50 MIN | $


Join our Registered Dietitian to learn how to blend a nutrient-rich smoothie while balancing your blood sugar to promote energy levels, turn off fat-storing hormones and reduce the risk of chronic disease. Leave class with three of our recipes, as well as the techniques and confidence to support your shift towards a healthful smoothie. 45 MIN | $

Honey: A Sensual Journey

Noel Patterson believes that tasting honey is as sensual an experience as tasting wine. To fully taste the honey, you must use all five of the body’s senses. Like wine, each honey has its own terroir that reflects the environment of its hive of origin. Join Noel on this journey of the senses as you taste your way through various local types of honey and discuss the notes and flavors you experience along the way. 60 MIN | $

IN THE SPIRIT OF GRAPES: A Biodynamic Wine Experience

Set aside what you think you know about wine tasting. Wines capture a sense of the places they are grown in a uniquely expressive and vibrant way. Learn about the philosophy behind winemaking and the agriculture associated with it. If you try to live mindfully concerning what you put in your body and its impact on our world, this wine tasting is one you will savor. 60 MIN | $