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Celebrate Mind, Body & Spirit this Season

Holidays At Miraval

November 30 - December 31

Celebrate Mind, Body & Spirit

at Miraval Arizona

Miraval has something for everyone. Come and celebrate Life in Balance this holiday season with our thoughtfully curated menu of wellbeing offerings, intended to open hearts, eyes, and minds to the beautiful wonders, big or small, that surround us in our daily lives.

Escape the chilly weather and enjoy a personalized retreat to a healthier lifestyle.

ultimate holiday celebration

All packages include resort credit to use toward life enhancing wellness activities, private sessions with specialists, or Life in Balance Spa services. Plus packages include gourmet meals, unlimited snacks, smoothies, and speciality coffee drinks, full access to Miraval’s extensive resort amenities including Body Mindfulness fitness center, three pools, hiking trails, and more. All gratuities included.

Contact a Miraval Experience Planner today at 1-800-232-3969 or arizona.reservations@miravalresorts.com to book your gratitude retreat today.

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Enter the healing energy of our signature spa sanctuary and leave chaos behind. Let our expert therapists nurture your entire being and guide your journey to well-being within a soulful nature-preserve setting.


    Schedule of Events

    • DECEMBER 2021


    Love Your Food: Love Yourself

    Loving-kindness and compassion can enhance your relationship with food, especially comfort foods and treats. Within a small group, you will practice gratitude and kindness to yourself and others while enjoying the dynamic taste of chocolate.


    Healthy Hacks

    Join our Dietician to learn ways to incorporate balance, pleasure, and simplicity into your everyday routine regarding food and minimize any self-sabotaging habits. Making simple life “hacks” regarding your nutritional habits can set you up to live your optimal life.

    Celebrate the Season with Gingerbread

    Learn how to make the gingerbread cookies, snaps, and pieces you need to build a gingerbread house for the children in your life or your own inner child. Explore how to integrate mindful preparation techniques, including gluten-free and vegan options as well as sugar alternatives, in this interactive, hands-on experience.


    Gratitude Journaling

    We often think of gratitude journaling as writing a list of things we are grateful for each day. This class discusses ways you can delve into that process to make it more meaningful. Receive a Miraval journal, and guided gratitude prompts that support various ways to approach your journaling practice.

    Miraval Moments

    We love to see our guests post photos of their cherished moments of discovery, inspiration, and gratitude. Share your favorite Mriaval moments @miravalresorts.


    The holiday season is sneaking up on us, bringing with it the search for gifts that perfectly balance our intentions, both thoughtful and practical. Give the gift of Life in Balance with signature miraval apparel, spa goodies, and more.