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celebrate gratitude and grace

The Season of Gratitude

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October 1, 2021 - January 1, 2022


at Miraval Arizona

Join us for specially created activities and offerings that celebrate the season with gratitude and grace. Shift your focus to the present moment with an awareness that is mindful and meaningful.

Each Season of Gratitude experience is intended to open your heart, elevate your consciousness, and help you discover the wonder of each moment, big or small.

The Schedule of Gratitude Season Exclusive Offers is listed above.


“Gratitude can transform any situation. It alters your vibration, moving you from negative energy to positive. It’s the quickest, easiest most powerful way to effect change in your life — this I know for sure.” OPRAH


Book the Miraval Package and enjoy $175 nightly resort credit, all meals, and unlimited outback hiking, mountain biking, group fitness classes, group fitness, yoga, meditation classes, challenge course activities, climbing wall, and more.

Our group accommodations in Tucson


Miraval has a variety of bedroom suites, Retreats, and Villas for your upcoming family getaway. Let us plan the perfect respite for you and your loved ones to reconnect.



Celebrate the season with a special menu that embraces fall and winter flavors and heart-warming comfort food.



Join us for specifically created activities and offerings that celebrate the season with gratitude and grace.

    All Packages Include:

    • Delicious and healthy gourmet meals served daily – order as many appetizers or entrées as you like – it’s your choice.
    • Unlimited fresh smoothies, tea, coffee, non-alcoholic healthy beverages and freshly prepared grab ‘n go snacks served throughout the day.
    • Complimentary shared shuttle airport transfers from Tucson International Airport.
    • Hors d’oeuvres served every evening at our Coyote Moon Bar and Lounge.
    • Gratuities included in all packages.
    • Generous nightly resort credits to use toward spa services, private sessions, equine, and culinary experiences. (Resorts credits vary based on package)
    • An array of daily complimentary activities, lectures, and wellbeing workshops.
    • Luxurious, casita-inspired accommodations.
    • Miraval welcomes guests who are 18 years of age or older.

    Schedule of Events


    Joyful Resilience/Enduring Strength

    This class focuses on the resiliency of the body, mind, and heart. It begins with short asana practice to warm up the body and work into more challenging balance poses and ends with a 10-minute guided meditation on the back that reinforces the notion of resilience.

    Meditation for Resiliency

    Resiliency has been defined as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, or perseverance.” With continuous self-reflection and presence exercises, you can build resilience in your life so that when facing hardship, your response will be unwavering. Join us for this mediation to encourage strength, courage, and resilience.

    Remembrance Ceremony

    This ceremony offers an opportunity to connect with ourselves regarding the grief surrounding the loss of someone or something. Together, we walk the labyrinth, then contemplate, write, and talk about the ways that other cultures publicly grieve.

    Visualization Meditation

    This guided form of meditation engages the mind and harnesses the power of positive imagery to encourage states of wellbeing that create a pathway for mind-body healing to occur.


    Gratitude Labyrinth

    The labyrinth (sometimes called the Path of Silence) is a tool of walking meditation that provides a safe, serene environment to focus inward.

    Gratitude Meditation

    This guided form of meditation cultivates contentment by engaging the mind in appreciative thoughts.

    Gratitude Journaling

    We often think of gratitude journaling as writing a list of things we are grateful for each day. This class discusses ways you can delve into that process to make it more meaningful. Receive a Miraval journal, and guided gratitude prompts that support various ways to approach your journaling practice.


    Nourish Your Emotional Wellbeing

    Food has the potential to promote physical, mental, and emotional health. It can also intensify food cravings, depression, memory loss, and stress. While the physical consequences of poor eating patterns can take decades to appear, the mental effects can occur in under two hours. You will leave this class with a roadmap for curbing cravings, improving your mood, and increasing your energy and brainpower.


    Love Your Food; Love Yourself

    Loving-kindness and compassion can enhance your relationship with food, especially comfort foods and treats. Within a small group, you will practice gratitude and kindness to yourself and others while enjoying the dynamic taste of chocolate.

    Healthy Hacks

    Join our Dietician to learn ways to incorporate balance, pleasure, and simplicity into your everyday routine regarding food and minimize any self-sabotaging habits. Making simple life “hacks” regarding your nutritional habits can set you up to live your optimal life.

    Miraval Moments

    We love to see our guests post photos after their visit of their cherished moments of discovery, inspiration, and gratitude. Share your favorite Miraval moments with us @miraval.arizona and let the spirit of gratitude soar this season.